Who is Share Dent?

Share Dent is Canada’s longest serving, Dentist owned and directed Purchasing Group.

How long has Share Dent been established?

Share Dent was established in 2002 and our original 5 partners placed their 1st order in the summer of that year.

What does Share Dent do?

Share Dent maximizes savings potential and optimizes ordering efficiency using our proprietary Inventory Control Efficiency software (ICE).

Why consider Share Dent?

Our recession has affected our economy and our investments significantly.  The dental community revenue has been significantly impacted by the number of industries who have reduced their benefits coverage and the fallout of downsizing and plant closures. Unfortunately the fixed costs that are associated with operating your dental practices are increasing each year.  Salaries, supplies, and other related costs i.e. leasing costs are on the constant rise. Joining Share Dent will save you time and money and help you offset these costs.

How many dentists are part of Share Dent?

We currently have over 100 dental practices pooling their purchasing power to save over $800,000 per year collectively. As our partnership grows, the savings will only get greater.

What can I expect my savings to be?

We have shown annual savings to range from 15-35%. The range is due to the pricing that each partner office had been getting from their supplier rep prior to joining Share Dent. Your savings could vary as there is no guarantee as to the level of savings. Prior to you joining Share Dent you will know exactly what your savings will be.

Can I get all the same products that I currently use?

With over 50,000 products available, we are able to supply virtually every product that you currently use. Our primary supplier is one of the largest full service Dental dealers in North America.

Are we expected to purchase all of our supplies from Share Dent?

Quite simply no! Since you may find products that Share Dent is higher priced on, or that are just not available, we strongly recommend that you buy these from an alternate dealer.

How will partnering with Share Dent benefit my dental practice?

Share Dent has taken great steps to drive out the majority of the costs in supply chain management. We do not pay commission to sales representatives, or require a huge warehouse. Through our industry unique Inventory Control Efficiency System (ICE), we will provide you with significant and sustainable savings on your regular supplies. The ICE system will help you decrease your inventory costs and reduce your administration time. Once we’ve done all that, we will also share any profits with our partners.

How can I be certain that my practice’s best interests are looked after?

Share Dent is run by a management team with over 80 years experience as well as a Board of Directors. This Board is co-driven by the management team and 3 partner dentists that provide valuable advice and strategic direction. The Dentists on the Board are elected each year at the annual meeting.

Is there a cost to become one of Share Dent’s Partners in Dentistry?

There is, which will be discussed during our first preliminary presentation.

What are the primary concerns dentists have to become part of Share Dent?

Initially, dentist’s primary concerns to participate in this partnership are: fear of losing their autonomy and independence, the fear of disrupting their practice, loss of new product knowledge, on-time delivery and quality of supplies, concern of relationship disruption with current  dental rep, and maintaining their flexibility to purchase from any supplier. Share Dent can assure you unequivocally your dental care practice will remain unchanged except for your exceptional savings.

Does Share Dent provide references of current partners and are the Board of Directors available to speak to?

Absolutely! Our staff can make arrangements for you to have a private consultation to ask questions and get answers from one of your colleagues.

The Share Dent Solution!

Share Dent has a solution to resolve the ever increasing pressure of generating revenue. Our dentists who already participate in Share Dent are saving in the range of 15-35% every year on the overall dollars spent on supplies.

Share Dent has developed the first of its kind, proprietary software which creates orders for all the suppliers our partners use.  The Inventory Control Efficiency System immediately creates a huge savings in staff time in maintaining and ordering supplies.

Our seamless implementation system will cause no disruption to your existing operations. Dentists maintain the freedom of remaining independent and are able to enjoy all the purchasing power by becoming a partner in Share Dent.