Inventory Control Efficiency System (ICE)

Why ICE is the best Dental Inventory Control System in Canada

Share Dent’s ICE technology has revolutionized dental office efficiency when it comes to Inventory Management and allows you to order dental supplies from multiple suppliers. In Dentistry there have been significant advancements in technology for patient care. Share Dent’s ICE proprietary software supports this advancement by taking inventory management to the next level with a highly efficient electronically driven inventory tracking and purchasing system.

Key questions to ask about Inventory Management

Organization is a major factor in productivity and profitability when it comes to inventory management. Some key questions to ask about your practice are: What type of inventory control system does your practice use? Do you know what your practice currently has in inventory? What types of products and materials do you use, and what is your monthly usage? Are you critically low on some items and overstocked on others? Do you know the monetary value of your current inventory? Can you easily determine the answers to these questions?

Running out of certain products can impact operations significantly. Placing a rush order and/or frequently ordering throughout the week is disruptive to the work flow of your office and very time consuming. The ICE system virtually eliminates these issues as products are on your shelf when you need them!

ICE Advantages – To Optimize Office Efficiency

  • Electronically creates orders for multiple suppliers
  • Saves 15% to 35% in your annual sundries costs
  • Reduces inventory levels up to 40% on closed box supplies (Carrying Cost Savings)
  • Average office will save 6 hours of inventory administration time each month
  • Electronic invoicing with easy access to all of your prior invoices
  • Detailed reporting on historical purchases right on the system
  • Customized reporting by Manufacturer, products and more
  • Option to track all non-dental related supplies such as general office supplies
  • Reduce the typical 5% return rate to less than 1%
  • Products are on your shelf when you need them
  • Environmental friendly: paper reduction, sticky notes etc.
  • Less intermittent disruptions from sales representatives dropping in
  • Reduces stress for office staff

Ordering is simple and convenient with Share Dent’s ICE technology. Share Dent’s proprietary software is the most efficient in the industry and the transition is seamless. Electronic inventory tracking and purchasing systems will eventually be the standardized way for Dental Practices to place orders and manage their inventory.

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