Saving Money

“Overhead costs in my practice have been lower by about 25% since I joined 3 years ago. Being a Share Dent partner improves my bottom line.” – (Dentist)

Share Dent is a buying group that pools supply purchasing and shares company ownership with our Dentist Partners.

Since 2002, we have been ordering supplies on behalf of our partners who benefit from the substantial cost savings. As Share Dent grows, our partners will benefit even more. In addition to the costs savings on sundries, Share Dent also shares company profits with each partner. It pays to be a partner in Share Dent!

Buying Group by Definition…

…is a group of businesses buying as a single entity from common suppliers in order to receive better prices than could be otherwise negotiated by individual businesses. Similar to other cooperative organizations established for mutual benefit, Share Dent is a partnership-based company created to increase financial and operational efficiencies in ordering and maintaining day-to-day supplies as well as sharing profits among its partners.

Saving Money

Buying groups do a lot for Dental practices in terms of saving money, increasing cash flow and maximizing profitability. Our partners save in the range of 15%-35% on overall dollars spent on supplies. This savings is a result of a number of partnership benefits:

  • Reduced costs on product purchases
  • Purchase management with Share Dent’s inventory tracking and ordering system
  • Reduced inventory levels using the inventory system
  • Creation of orders for all suppliers, with no obligation to buy exclusively through Share Dent
  • No hidden costs on invoices
  • Company ownership in Share Dent