Saving Time

“I spend too much time keeping track of prices and trying to find the best deals on supplies. Since joining Share Dent, the new inventory is controlled and I know we’re saving money on every order.” – (Staff)

Using Share Dent’s Inventory Control & Tracking System immediately saves time for staff in maintaining and ordering supplies. The average dental practice places supply orders 2 or 3 times a week, which could take up 2 hours or more. With Share Dent, orders are placed bi-weekly and usually take about half an hour or less to complete.

Ordering is simple and convenient with Share Dent’s hand-held technology and secure website. Using PDA technology, purchasing, invoicing and returns are all taken care of quickly and easily, saving on administration time and inventory carrying costs.

Partners also save time with fewer returns. The Share Dent Inventory Control system and Customer Service Help Desk work with you to eliminate errors and ensure orders are accurate. Share Dent Partner’s product returns are significantly below the industry average.

Share Dent’s Inventory Control & Tracking System is the most efficient in the industry. The Share Dent proprietary software creates orders for all the suppliers our partners use, making all orders, not just Share Dent orders, quick and easy to place.

Share Dent’s tracking system includes all practice consumable, regardless of the supplier of purchase. This tracking system ensures practices maintain the right amount of supplies at all times, and reduces instances of running out.

“Share Dent takes a straightforward approach with supply prices, inventory control and the company financials. As a partner my practice has better control of stock levels and that keeps expense down.” – (Dentist)