What are Dentists and Staff saying about Share Dent!

“The smartest business decision I made was to join the Share Dent team. The implementation process was fast… Share Dent is a dentist owned company and it is evident by the direction the Board takes. We are focused on reducing cost; this is done with the buying power of a large group (typically 20% less on my basket of goods).”
Dr. Greg Deck
Mit chell ON

“Being a solo practitioner, our office wasn’t privy to the purchasing power and discounts that are offered to multi-practitioner offices. Share Dent’s co-operative structure allowed us the benefit of significant purchasing power and resulted in thousands of dollars of savings every year on the sundries we were already utilizing. The highly integrated ordering system ensures our supplies are readily available, but not overstocked and outdated.”
Dr. Karl Weselan,
St Marys ON

“Since I joined Share Dent my accountant has noticed my supplies expense has been lower as a percentage of my gross than most of his non-Share Dent clients. My assistant is able to efficiently keep our inventory supplied without over-stocking or under-stocking as a result of Share Dent’s unique inventory control tracking and purchasing technology.”
Dr. Rob Suzuki,
London ON

“Share Dent is a group that is dedicated to not only maintaining significantly lower prices on supplies but increase the profitability of our practices.”
Dr. Christina Heidinger,
Kitchener ON

“Our office has been with Share Dent from the beginning and overall it has been a positive experience. Our sundries are now well organized; ordering takes minutes and our accountant comments regularly on how low our supplies expense is compared to other offices he audits. I cannot imagine going back to the old way of ordering and tracking supplies, this is definitely the way to go!”
Dr. Alida Smisek
Stratford ON

“It takes only mintues to go through the inventory … it is user friendly … once the order has been filled you are able to see your invoice online before you have received your order … the backorder reply is immediate so you have the option of ordering from another company … quick reply anytime I have any problems … I have found that it has actually saved me quite a bit of time. I would definitely recommend Share Dent to any other dental office.”
Office Manager, Caledonia ON

“I have been a dental assistant for the past 12 years. Much of that time I have also been taking care of inventory control. The difference in pricing with Share Dent is quite significant compared to other suppliers without compromising product quality. The Inventory Control Efficiency (ICE) tracking and purchasing system saves us a lot of time and headaches. The user-friendly device allows me to go on holidays without having to worry about inventory levels. I only have to order twice a month and it only takes me 20 minutes to complete an order for a multi-dentist cost-sharing practice. I am so glad we chose Share Dent!”
Dental Assistant, London ON

“As one of the first practices to join Share Dent we saw an exciting opportunity to save time and money….and we have not been disappointed. After a seamless transition, maintaining a “just in time” inventory setup takes minutes every other week. Backorders, returns and time spent “shopping” for the best price are virtually a thing of the past.”
Dr. John Whitehead, Harrow ON
Tracy Craig, Treatment Coordinator

“Share Dent is a company that just makes sense. Increase profitability by reducing the costs of overhead. Create a system that makes it easy for auxiliary staff to implement and use, deliver product quickly and efficiently and then show how much you saved at the end of the year. That’s Share Dent. The best business decision I’ve made.”
Dr. Juno Park
Kitchener ON

“As clients of Share Dent, we appreciate the prompt and friendly service they have provided over the past several years, and have taken advantage of the competitive prices they offer. With Share Dent, ordering is a smooth and hassle-free process and their commitment to providing quality product is always a priority. Representatives consistently go above and beyond in order to ensure 100% client satisfaction. My staff and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Share Dent and highly recommend their services to other dental professionals looking for top quality product and service.”
Dr. Raphael Jankowski
Kitchener and Stratford ON

“We are impressed with Share Dent’s professionalism and the resources they have to offer to our dental community. Share Dent is honourable and transparent in every aspect. Dentists know the exact mark-up of products and they will provide advice that is in the best interest of the Dentist. We feel very comfortable in recommending Share Dent for your consideration, since a partnership with this dental group will save you significant time and money and contribute to your bottom line profitability. We encourage all Dentists to become a partner in Share Dent.”
Dr. Al Macdonald & Dr. Rob Bond
Comprehensive Straight Wire