Why Share Dent Makes Sense!

In our current economic environment there are various challenges that dentists are facing. The rising cost of supplies, the ongoing recession, the rollback of employee’s dental benefits, and the increasing fixed costs of operating your dental practice, to name a few.

Share Dent’s approach is a means for Dentists to take back control, and increase savings while reducing overhead.

By joining Share Dent you will enjoy many benefits including:

1) Saving Time – Share Dent’s Inventory Control Efficiency System (ICE) will free up staff time and optimize your ordering process.

2) Saving Money – Share Dent partner’s average between 15% to 35% reduction in sundry costs and up to 40% reduction in inventory carrying costs. They also share in the profits of the company.

3) It’s Good Practice – By saving time and money Share Dent partners are increasing their profitability and investing in themselves.

If you would like to be part of the dental community that is making a difference we encourage you to contact us at sharedent@rogers.com or 1-866-236-6603 for more information and/or a demonstration.